The services we provide are tailored to your exact requirements. Here are some examples, but come to us with a specific challenge and we’ll find the solution for you.

Acquiring and selling companies – If you are looking to acquire we can help you target and price the right opportunity, offering advice on the best way to structure the deal and achieve your objectives. If you want to sell we can help you draw up a prospectus, target the potential buyers that suit your aspirations and advise on the terms.

Business start up – we can offer assistance through the early stages of business start up, helping to set objectives, and ensuring key resources are in place.

Exporting – Increasingly companies need to have global reach. This can be acquired in many ways. We are experienced in identifying marketplaces, partners and taking your intellectual property across boundaries.

Investment and commercial feasibility studies – We can prepare a prospectus, identify potential sources of funds, interview candidates and create a shortlist for you.

Benchmarking – Our extensive experience in financial and customer satisfaction benchmarking can help improve your organisation by comparison against industry standards and competitors.

Technology audits and review – Do you have the right technology in place for your business? Are there more appropriate solutions available? Do you have compatible technologies across your organisation. Do you have the right type of licences? We can conduct specific or comprehensive reviews and make recommendations to make you more efficient and cost-effective.

Technology acquisition – We can help identify your requirements, potential suppliers and manage the successful implementation of new technologies, without disrupting the running of your organisation.

Event project management – If you need to outsource event management we can lead, or provide, a team to deliver a solution that will exceed customer expectation.

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